Saturday, February 2, 2013

Picture Perfect Winter 2013 Week Four "Nostalgic" Theme (POLL)

Well folks once more we are at the wall and time to beat our head against it as we
try and determine who this weeks Star of the Week will be. Again I want to thank
Jacob for sitting in with us this week, as well as a big smile having Cherie back with
us this week. Also thinking of Heather who is back in South Africa visiting family.
This week has sent us traipsing down memory lane, and as is the case on these trips
I hope they were pleasant, so, now to get on with the getting on.
In no particular order
Remember to go back and visit before deciding on who to choose

High Fives
Sue C

Honorable Mentions

Come Here To Vote Its At Top Of Page


  1. Heather usually opens Muze so that those of us on Blogger can view the Top Five before voting, but it seems to be closed so cannot see the entries except for Catherine's which is on Blogger anyway.

  2. thats odd Mitch cause i set it to public before I posted the opening blog

    1. Whatever the problem was, it's ok now, I can access the posts on Muze :-))

    2. i went and was set to public so i unclicked it and saved then did it again,,glad it straighten'd up