Sunday, February 3, 2013

Picture Perfect Week 4 2013 Winner is...

Well folks looks like this week we have a twofer, a foto finish if you will.
We havent had one of those in a while. :)
This week offered some excellent memories and captures of those same thoughts
Again you all make it difficult to choose, it would be so easy to substitute one image for
another..Again Jacob thanks for sitting in with us this week for a scene behind the scenes
of what goes on here at Picture Perfect..
Next week Catherine you and the fuzzball will be sitting in with us and as such you
wont be eligible for regular play but can still post right along with the admins.
So lets take a second look at these two awesome shots

So this week you each get to copy
the Star of the Week and display it
on your site, or as ive seen some do
go back and paste it at the top of this weeks
entry as a reminder :)

again congrats
and a big well done to all
Peace out and see you in a few days
till then
May all your pictures be perfect


  1. Congrats for the winners. Sorry for missing the last 2 competitions.

  2. Congratulations Ladies. You had beautiful shots and fit the theme perfectly.

  3. Congratulations ladies..well done to you both.

  4. Congratulations to both winners!!!

  5. Congrats girls, both great shots.

  6. Congratulations to the both of you. Fabulous photos.