Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Picture Perfect Winter 2013 Week Four "Nostalgic" Theme

So many times I wish things were the way like they use to be,
When a dollar would take you to the movies, buy your popcorn,
and drink and still have a little jingle in your pocket.
When gas was 25 cents a gallon, the only video game was a
pinball machine.
When a trip to the hardware store would take over an hour,not because
of the lines, or distance, but because everyone there was a friend and
it was as much an event as it was a shopping trip. After watching a video
someone from back home posted on Youtube It made me miss home and
how things use to be.
This weeks image was taken on a lonely bit of Highway in South Carolina
on US Coastal 17 the Main Road long before the Interstate 95 came through.
So lets all join in this week and wax


(click to enlarge)

"Art is the Outward Manifestation of the Inward Need to Create Beauty"

Remember only one image, it must have been
taken by you, all entries must be posted by 7:00PM PST on friday

Remember Jacob you will be our
guest judge this week and I will send you
an email to include you in the process

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  1. im off to work back in this evening to visit

  2. Here's mine.

  3. "So many times I wish things were the way like they use to be", yes, from time to time all of us feel a touch of nostalgy.

    1. Amalie for some reason I could not comment on your beautiful is true those were the days!!!

    2. Glad you discovered how to do it! The layout I use, is a bit different from the others, but I like it!

  4. Ok, my entry is up. Link is in the linky-thingie above :-))

    Amalie, where do you comment on yours?

  6. AMALIE ~ it's quite the lovely shot, but it wouldn't take my comment!!!

  7. ok folks looks like im caught up here...will be back later tonight for another round..well done and keep em coming

  8. Love this bit of nostalgia! I remember the local places like this...always a friend to find and a cold coke in a bottle! Great memories!

  9. Ok I did your linky! LOL...but I will post it here as well...I'm blogger challenged.

  10. Great theme Gator and I love the photo. It looks well cared for too which surprised me. I don't know why. All of the colours in the photo are my kind of colours too. *Warm.*

  11. I still love coming here Gator...I echo what I said before..Many of us wonder what happened to the past and some of the Good things attached to it.
    A great capture.

  12. What a wonderful shot of the old petrol station.

    My entry

  13. thank you for all the kind words..also for some excellent shots and sharing of memories...this is the good stuff...remember folks if you havent posted yet you have about four and a half hours...7PM PST time before cut off...

  14. ok folks entries are closed as far as consideration for voting..however if you want to post feel free and we will still come and we go into deliberation and the poll will be up tomorrow evening about this time..if i missed anyone please let me know so i can come by..and once again you all have met and raised the bar