Tuesday, September 18, 2007

~Picture Perfect~ Prepared.

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Taken with my Nikon D40 at sunset, September 18, 2007.

"Be prepared." said the cub scout coffee mug that sat on my dresser top throughout childhood, gathering dust.

Well, now I live in Tokyo, which lies upon a massive fault line. In 1923, an Earthquake struck the Tokyo region, resulting in a horrifying 142,000 lives lost. Authorities expect a quake of equal strength to hit again sometime within the next quarter century.

But I am prepared. I keep my "Earthquake Kit" ready, with passport, food and water, first aid kit, spare glasses, a bottle of wine, toilet paper, and even a paperback.

Living on the 6th floor of a fairly old apartment building, people ask me if I worry. I answer "No," because what you see above is my escape route off my balcony. To further explain, I'll leave you with a second image, which clearly shows that I have nothing to worry about. In the event of an earthquake, you can see that a matronly woman in business attire will rappel down the side of the building. I am presuming that, along with her clearly NAVY-SEALS-like training, she will also have the strength to carry me, and my Earthquake kit. Presumably, I will then have the opportunity to crack open the wine, and woo her, a la James Bond.


So I am prepared.

Are you?

Thanks Heather, for letting me host this week. Next week I am passing the torch to my wonderful friend Girly.

Harmaceutical, signing off, and remaining prepared.

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