Thursday, December 13, 2012

Picture Perfect "Natural Framing" Theme

Good day and welcome to this weeks
Picture Perfect

I want to preface this week by laying out
the basics for posting your links/entries.
 For those of
you joining us from the old Multiply site things are no
different than they have always been. You will look at this
weeks theme, then shoot or choose your entry from an
archived shot (these must be YOUR own shots, not taken from the net).

Place your entry image along with any words/details you
would like to add, then post your entry to your OWN site.

Then copy your URL bring it over and paste it into the
comments below, do not paste your image into comments
or they will be deleted, as it creates a mess to wade through
as we try and visit each entry.

Now onto this weeks entry. 

There are many techniques used in
photography and we've used many of them in the past.

Honestly I dont remember if this one has been used.

Natural Framing is a way of using existing items to create
a "Frame" around your subject to define or draw ones attention
to the subject matter. There are countless ways of doing this,
using doorways or arches, windows, limbs of tress, or any other
structure serves this purpose.

For my example this week I used an archive from a few years
back when I was running another project called 
Mono Monday Plus.

I used two holes in the walls of Ft. Jackson, a tripod, the timer function, which all combined allowed me the time to pull focus in the manual mode, so it didnt shift, and with the timer counting it gave me mone minute to run some 30 odd feet and peek out the other hole.

I could have done this in PhotoShop but, when I did this originally  the emphasis was to teach to get the shot you want "without" relying on post production. So there you have it, now lets see how you go about framing and sharing your examples for this week.

"Gator In a Hole"
"Art is the Outward Expression of the Inner Need to Create Beauty"
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you can sign in using your google accounts and then join the group
I am on the road shooting this weekend so most of my visits will be late evening and nights
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  1. blogger folks you can disregard the first paragraph if joining us here on blogger lol

  2. My giddy aunt Gator, that is one neat trick you did there and you make it sound sooooo easy. LOL

    I hope my son will help me with this one, he knows all about this stuff. Anyway, I'm going to give it a go. LOL

  3. I've post on Muze, but here it is for the bloggers too. It's going to be interesting keeping
    up with everyones' entries :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. OK. Try this then.

  6. Double treble framed Mr. Gator!
    Fantastic photo!

  7. A wonderful shot!

    I posted my link with the link-thingy ;)

  8. Terrific theme Gary, I love natural framing shots!! Here's my PP LINK

    Love your shot, it's fabulous!!

  9. love the 'linky' thing!

    have to get dinner settled ~ then off to visit here and at muze...

  10. here is mine

  11. alrighty folks sorry ive been running a tad behind but im back in swamp and caught up...if you posted on Muze ive been to visit there..if ive missed you entirely please let me know...resting a few mins then I have a photo shoot to do this evening but will check back in again tonight

  12. great photo and theme gator!
    Sorry... daughter is here and son is coming... not on here much...

  13. So glad to find that Picture Perfect is still going strong. I'm hoping that I have linked properly to get the information. :) I've been a little out of the loop, but hope to get back to at least viewing the amazing users post! Merry Christmas everyone!