Thursday, November 15, 2012

Picture Perfect "Expressions" Theme

Welcome to this weeks installment of Picture Perfect.
Lots of new things going on now and in the next few weeks more to come on that.
Coming up with this weeks entry for me wasnt hard, but trying to
find a way to express it was. Due to PP being a global entity what
translates in one language dosent carry well in others. However ever language
has its own unique Expressions.

For me I chose the expression "When Stars Line Up" which roughly
means, when everything in a perfect order lines up to achieve a result.
It can be used both positively or negatively. I chose the more positive aspect
and then had to use a Gator twist. So now without any more of the blah blah blah
I present for your entertainment

"When Stars Line Up"

When Stars Line Up2 small
"Art is the Outward Manifestation of the Inward Need to Create Beauty"
now its time to express yourself

(ps.. I had to coax the Stars to Lineup to Highlight the Groups Name lol)

Ok a little more blah blah blah yada yada
The idea behind this post was that Picture Perfect is a result of
When Stars Line Up.
It brought together a group of immigrants from Y360 and other sites
(me from myspace). It gave us a weekly outlet to exercise our Photographic Muses
and more than that, it brought us into personal friendships. Now Xply is kicking us to
the curb, but there is a New Muze in town. Muzenews which is the child of Heathers
desire to keep us together.
So once again the Stars are lining up (even with a little help)

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  1. ok folks will check in later today after work

  2. What a marvelous shot! Totally impressive!

  3. ok made the first rounds and will be back

  4. Right, got it! that took a bit of working out. LOL *I'm in a bad way.* I will be back.

    1. i went to your site shay and didnt see the entry am I missing it? gator isnt very blogger compliant lol


    Rockin' Heart Ranch "Expressions"

  6. Very nice picture... we're confident... it's written on heaven's face...
    Mine: Why I'm barking

  7. well made the rounds and now time to think about work,,,,ugggh back tonight

  8. Great theme!
    I posted my Expression (see my name above).

  9. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. The first link went to last weeks entry and the other two say the post doesn't exist. I don't want to keep trying and just take up space.

  10. Love this PP so much Gator that I have created one especially for Blogger...Thanks.

  11. Fantastic image, Gator! This was a toughie!!!