Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Very Special Birthday Wish To Heather (One Lucky Bean)

Its already late up in the day and I wanted to remind you
of how we all feel about you Heather.
I am one of the lucky ones in having had the pleasure to spend a
cpl days together and to shoot together. Over the last couple
of years of working with you on Picture Perfect and now with
Muzenews It has been time treasured.
I think I can speak for all of us that We wish you
the most blessed of days, and to once again
extend our thanks for your caring and loving spirit
and desire to keep us all together with the demise of Multiply.
Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Now for the Party
first your card...
This was shot and you may have forgotten this
when we were at the Newberry Opera House.

Heather Bday Card

And of course there has to be music so we Dance.

Whats a party without cake? a cakeless party...duh
and I know how much you love green...and specially green gators

I hope you are smiling cause just knowing you
makes us smile..Love yah and once again
Happy Happy Bday


  1. LOL! I remember the day of the pic! What fun we had.... and I got to room with the wonderful and talented Ms. Heather.... Happiest of Birthdays Roomie! lots of love xoxoxox and wow, that cake looks amazing!

  2. Gefeliciteerd (Dutch for happy Birthday)!!
    Have a wonderful and great day! I wish you lots of blessing and joy for this coming year ♥

  3. Happy birthday, Heather! Second time today... just to show there is still life here too!

  4. Happy Birthday! Sorry this is late, Heather. I hope you had a wonderful day! (((hugs)))

  5. Better late than never Heather, many Happy Birthdays to you. Hope you had a fantastic day.

  6. thank you all sooo much folks I had a wonderful day with family :))