Friday, July 31, 2009

Tough as... choosing for the Poll! # 4

Time to vote......

Tough old bird by Bert

Keegan by Mae

Old smoker by a2o

Tough bug by Baz

La colonne by Susy

Kite by Mimi

Blacksmith by Vanessa

Tough tines by Rob

Spinning by Linda

Tour de France by Mimi

A huge thank you to all who participated!!

Some photos are perfectly shot, some have perfect effects, others have heart. It's so hard to choose! When I chose the theme, I didn't for one moment think of how hard it would be to choose. Knowing how much you all put in, I should have remembered from past experience. Once again, I have laughed, cried, sighed, oohed and aahed through the entries.

It is impossible to choose just ten!! But I'm a tough cookie... I'll grit my teeth and pick out ten ; )

A reminder: Please remember no matter how high the quality of pictures and photographers, this remains a fun competition with no prize being offered other than acknowledgement and a badge for you to wear on your page, so with this in mind I ask you please.. no soliciting for votes on your friends pages, allow each to make their own choices without any coercion from anyone.

a v of pelicans                                   I

I think we all agree that these old cars were as tough as nails, some even still beating the tarmac today.


So here in no particular order are:



1. Tough old bird by Bert

2. Keegan by Mae

3. Old smoker by a2o

4. Tough bug by Baz

5. La colonne by Susy

6. Kite by Mimi

7. Blacksmith by Vanessa

8. Tough tines by Rob

9. Spinning by Linda

10. Tour de France by Mimi


and..Honourable Mentions:

1. Covered bridge

2. Nails, naturally, and a hammer

3. Old plough

4. Faith 

A goofy smile 


7. Anvil

Street musician 

9. Coins

10. Tough old Rex



  1. a few minutes early..but this girl needs her sleep! Good Luck everyone!

  2. tough choices! yay. second to vote!

  3. So many wonderful shots; I don't know how you choose! Congrats to all!

  4. So many great photos! It was hard to choose, but choose I did. Good luck to the top ten.

  5. Thanks for including me again this week amongst so much incredible work, congrats to the other top 10 entries and good luck, I already voted on my favorite (and it was not mine LOL).

  6. tough as ..... choices from the top ten! great photos... I didn't get to wander through the weeks worth, but these are great.... tough to vote!

  7. LOL, Baz....

    Tint, great choices this week.

  8. I'm glad you liked the lizard. Thank you for the HM. I always enjoy PP. There's so many wonderful photo's and stories each week. Off to work. You all have a wonderful day.

  9. Aww I am glad you liked Bubba's goofy smile. Thank you for the honorable mention. Every photo I saw was just fantastic. I can see why it's difficult to chose.

  10. wow.... speaking of tough! Who to vote for???

  11. Having the same problem here. I can't get some of the photos to load but I do remember most of them. Thanks Tint for another wonderful week.

  12. I loved Baz's shot it is amazing but the clear capture of the Tour de France at such speed that is totally evident by the blurred background blew my mind. So that was my choice this week. Thank you Tint.

  13. Again torn by 2 , very hard decision !! Great shots this week , congratulations to all !!!

  14. I feel honored to be among the Top 10! Very tough decision to be made....

  15. Congratulations to all the Top Ten and to the Honorable Mentions.

  16. Oh thanks tint for the honorable mention.. oh boy its hard to vote again... lots of great ones in the top ten!!!

  17. Voting was tough!! There was a picture I was telling my husband about last night and sure enough it was TT!! Congrats to all (I think I got around to telling everyone individually); this was a magnificent group of pictures. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my page and left such kind comments.

  18. Thanks for the honorable mention. This was a TOUGH choice.

  19. I love this pic of the car Tint!! Great choices this week...congrats and good luck everyone, you've all done a fine job!!

  20. Bert is so is Ace (Bert's landlord) because I (Ace) like That picture of Bert too. It's my favorite.
    I'm glad people seem to like it. I think it shows Bert's character. Just a solid well adjusted wise level-headed person Chicken who is also tough. Ace has great respect for Bert.

    Bert really is a good kind caring citizen and a good friend and companion..just tough. Ace hugs Bert every night when closing up the coop, and Bert loves being hugged and petted. He is a very interesting and complicated character, so much fun to have around.

    Tint - I see what you mean... so many excellent photos. Trying to decide and thinking so hard would give me a headache.

  21. thanks for the honorable mention! I am so flattered.....

  22. Thanks everyone, I'm always quite happy just be part of this community, lots of talented photographer. I feel humbled be among the top 10 :)

  23. Thanks for selecting my photo for such high honors!

  24. It was a tough decision but I had to go with my heart on this one! Awesome job to everyone!!! It was a wonderful week of different pics that just really had totally different meanings! Congrats guys!

  25. Great theme Tint!!!! It was tough choosing ....AGAIN....everyone puts so much effort into their's like going to a photo gallery in our home each week.

  26. So... Canadians winters are good for something after all lolol !!! Awww makes me feel all gougou inside when peeps like my pictures... I love adding smiles around me.... and this honor sure put a smile on me! Like cooooooool said up there.. quite humbling, thank you!!!

    I'll have to be back in a lil bit... my 14 year old has a broken heart and my mama's heart cant stay away but my photographer's heart is with you's. Good luck everybody!!!! And congrats to every participant... this week was simply brilliant! Such an amazing theme... brought on creativity!

  27. Thanks Tint for nomination.

    I especially liked the theme this week because there were so many ways to approach it. I'm a sucker for old cars, really like that one above.

  28. Katya... you're so right. This is a very close call!!

  29. For goodness sakes How I am to choose!

  30. Beautiful entries once again. This tour has been especially uplifting and inspiring. So many stories, so many emotions.
    Congratulations to ALL nominees and participants! :)

  31. congrads to both the top tens and the honorable mentions....there is alot of talent shown here weekly.

  32. Congratulations Bert! You can collect your badge here!

  33. THANKS everyone, for making this picture of Bert - the Mensa Chicken, Picture-Perfect #4-tough as, 1st place... I'm (Ace) so pleased that others like this picture too, because I really do love and respect Bert and he loves me (Not so sure he respects me?). . He has taught me a lot. He's such a character, a gentleman, and such a pleasure to have around (the hens too). He is quite macho, but he does love it when I hug him. He just won't admit it.

    = = = = =
    And thanks to all who make Picture Perfect possible... I know it must be a great investment in time and effort,... and agony, to choose amongst so many terrific photos. Excellent job PP's

  34. I feel Honored to be the Top Ten.. thanks everyone.. happy holiday!!! :)

  35. Another very tight contest! Well done Berty boy!

  36. I love the old antique cars and trucks. I collect them in die-cast form. Nice photo from a by gone era. This is my photo for being tough. Sorry, but it is from a News article. This just has to be tough: for these two guys.

  37. Many thanks for all who participated and Congrats to the top ten. A special Congratulations to Bert. Nice going everyone.

  38. Thank you for my one vote whoever it was! It was an honor to be among such talent!