Friday, July 24, 2009

Shapes ~ The Poll

One vote each for the best of the TOP TEN

Puzzle Horse by Rob

Wood Ring by Baz

Bedazzler by Harriet

Oil Rig by Jacquie

Twisted Metal by Sue

Shaped Reflections by Dian

Muted Rose by Mel

Snow Gum-Trees by Ronnie

Labyrinth by Annette

Swamp Thing by Dana


Another wonderful week has come and gone.

From the soft curve of the wave running up a sandy beach to the sharper edges of a variety of buildings, bridges and other man-made structures, you used light, colour and your own perspective to give us a unique insight into a world filled with all manner of shapes.

As you can see the choices below could easily have been the Top Twenty, it was almost impossible to choose just ten. Thank you for your time energy and commitment to this site folks, it continues to be amazing on so many levels.

A few points of business: Please remember no matter how high the quality of pictures and photographers, this remains a fun competition with no prize being offered other than acknowledgement and a badge for you to wear on your page, so with this in mind I ask you please.. no soliciting for votes on your friends pages, allow each to make their own choices without any coercion from anyone.

The other issue is sizing of pictures, there is a tutorial on the home page for those of you who are new, if you send me a pm I could walk you through posting from flickr or photobucket too.

a v of pelicans

                                   pelican posse




So here in no particular order are:




1. Puzzle Horse by Rob

2. Weathered Wood by Baz

3. Bedazzler by Harriet

4. Oil Rig by Jaquie

5. Twisted Metal by Sue

6. Reflective Shapes by Dian

7. Muted Rose by Mel

8. Snow Gum-Trees by Ronnie

9. Labyrinth by Annette

10. Swamp Thing by Dana


and..Honourable Mentions:

1. twisty road

2. castle

3. silhouette

4. glass horses

5. river shapes

6. blue moon

7. lipstick

8. Washington Monument

9. unsafe

10. girl under arch



  1. The Poll is now up..remember one vote per person and it is open to contacts only..good luck everyone!

  2. Congratulations to all! So many wondeful shots; still trying to see them all!

  3. I am here and voted and wow thanks for the honourable mention, that's so nice.

  4. Congratulations everyone in the top ten and the honorable mentions.

    A tough choice, but I made one.

  5. Congratulations to all... super super pics!

  6. So many intersting, beautiful or funny images. It's not easy to make a choice!

  7. wasnt able to post an entry this weekk... : (
    but the choices are great!! i voted!

  8. All of the photos this week were amazing. It must have been so hard to make the final choices.

    Good luck to all of the top 10 finishers.

    And Congratulations to all of the Honorable Mentions.

    Everyone did a great job.

    And Thank you very very much, to everyone who stopped by my page and left a comment.

  9. Congrats to the all the top 10 and to the HM's.
    What a fabulous image Heather, love it!
    thanks for choosing my log pic for the HM Heather and for all the work you do!

  10. Congratulations to the Top Ten finalists. I was amazed to see that seven of the finalists are ones I would have chosen for the Top Ten. Shows we're on the same wavelength!!! LOL. It was a tough choice to narrow it down, but I think Dana's 'Swamp Thing' just had that magical 'something'.
    Congratulations also to the Honourable Mentions.

  11. fabulous photos..hard to choose one...congratulations to all mentioned.

  12. Dang, it was so hard to choose!

    thanks so much for the HM!

  13. congrads to all chosen....another tough week to choose i am sure....

  14. Wonderful photos--ALL congrats to the top 10!

  15. You are heartless beasts! ROFL I swear to gods you pick all of my favorites and then expect me to pick just one! Ugh! But it is hard to choose!!!!

  16. wow that was tough..... there are so many great photos out there!

    congrats to all!


  17. Great photos... seems there are a lot of great photographers out there.

  18. I voted and it wasn't easy !!! Congratulations to the top ten and honourable mentions !!

  19. Wow, I'm thinking! Congrats to all in the Top Ten, fabulous shots, hard choice /:-)

  20. Just checked out all the HMs and just as wonderful /:-) Congrats to all!

  21. Wow! Thank you so much for the honorable mention!

    Congrats to all of the top 10 - good luck - and to the other honorable mentions. Some tough choices, hopefully I can narrow it down to one. lol

    Also, thanks to Heather and the other admins - you guys do a great job!

  22. I went and had a look at the top ten!!! You definietly had your work cut out for you this week. The photos are stunning!!!!!!

  23. Thank you for the honorable mention for my photo. What a nice surprise when I logged on this morning. First time I've made the top 20.

  24. Congratulation to the well-deserved Top Ten & the Honorable Mentions! All the best! :-)

  25. Awwww thank you Heather.. such an honor to be chosen h/m in the abundance of paparazzi's we've all become lolll. A very sweet honor indeed.

    Congrats to all the top 20's! Keep on trucking!

    Now come the hard part..... finding the numero uno... lemme see what you picked.

  26. congratulation for the top twenty! Great and amazing shots guys..

  27. Its another close one it seems..

  28. Congrats everyone on top 10 and honourable mention. Great job everyone!

  29. Kudos to each creative person who entered their beautiful view and Congratulations to the Top Ten as well as the Honorable Mentions! Time to vote ~vroom~ Have a great weekend! :)

  30. congrats to the top 20 and everyone who played.
    ive gone and relooked again and again..... finally came up with a fav, it was hard though.

  31. Kudos to everyone who participated this week! Everyone has such great photos to share! Congratulations to all the Top Ten and Honorable Mentions. Tough choices, all!

    Good Luck everyone!

  32. Congrats to those listed and best of luck

  33. Congratulations to all who made top ten. Hard to choose one! I had three that I was trying to pick between, I liked all three of them equally for different reasons. I finally picked the one that I personally thought best suited the theme........

  34. I got so carried away with voting I forgot to congratulate everyone! Sorry! LOL They are all wonderful and my choice was hard to make. But I must say that a certain picture had such a whimsical quality to it I had to vote for it!

  35. congratulations everyone.
    Im a bit late for the contest, but I did just make an entry to view. (sorry for being tardy). I now go off to vote...

  36. It sure is close.
    Everyone deserves to win, but there can be only one winner.
    Congratulations to everyone.
    It sure must have been a hard decision to judge these
    wonderful creative photographs. You do such a great job.
    Thanks for the hard work you do to keep up this contest.
    You deserve a pat on the back. : )

  37. I don't think I've ever seen it this close...

  38. This is quite the horse race. Exciting!!

  39. Geee! It is a draw for first and second place this time! We need a few more to vote to see who wins this week!

  40. I love the voting polls when it's time to vote but what happen to other 100 or so people when it is time to vote..?
    I honestly dont get it..over and nearly there is 150 entries each week and maybe 90 out of those people vote each week..what's up with that?
    Is there that much "sore loser" attitude or" If mine is not picked, I'm not going to vote" attiitude?
    I have been curious about this for some time and it just seems like it is not enough participation when it comes down to the poll.
    It just seems childish to me !!
    If I stepped on anyone's toes..I dont apologize because this is childish to act like this!

  41. phew made it - was working! Well done a diverse top ten! Do NOT know how you do it! Brilliant theme!
    Cheers for a fun week!

  42. Heather explained, a week or so ago, (I think lol) that many people who participate in PP aren't *members* per say. Yanno them folks without a friends list? So when the voting poles come out.... they cant vote for it is *for members only*....

    least thats what I understood of it.

    Correct me if I'm wrong lol

  43. Oh my.. close race! Good luck everybody !

  44. we've never had a TIE before..could this week be the first?

  45. I'm so excited that my OLD photo made it to the Top Ten. It is very close and such a difficult decision, but I have voted now.

    Thank you Heather for you hosting this week.

  46. congratulations to all :)....well done! all d best!

  47. Congratulations Baz!!
    Shewww that was close....

  48. Hmm.. This post didn't show up in my inbox.Strange.

  49. missed the voting... i do believe i'm dropping out of competing for a while. I dont have the time to commit to it, and least of all ... never get mentioned ( no ones fault btw) Maybe one day when stress is less and i can truly enjoy the competition and able to view others work.... Goodluck to all

  50. Wow how close was that! Brilliant - just shows how good the comp was! Well done!

  51. Im Flattered thanks to all who voted for my image

  52. Congratulations to all who participated, who won top 10 spots and honorable mentions! Great fun!

  53. Wow! I missed all the excitement while I was camping! Thanks everyone, for your kind comments. I did vote, even though it was too late, so I could see the results.

    What fun!

  54. Not surprised to see a close race, they were all fabulous! Congrats Baz, truly outstanding /:-)

  55. Wow..I'm in HM..thanks for choosing me again.. :) that's nice surprise back from vacation..

  56. Thank you so much for the Honorable Mention. All the photos I got a chance to visit were lovely. Thanks to all for the nice messages left on my site!