Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Picture Perfect ~ Humor ~

Welcome to Picture Perfect! The guidelines are on the profile page.

The theme this week is ~ Humor ~ ! With colder weather setting in, and more people spending time indoors, it might be a good time to warm up those funny bones and get snapping!

Just a gentle reminder that photos are *meant* to be posted on Friday. So please try to stick to this! :)

The photo above is a picture of my brother, who was introduced to hunting by his in-laws. A few years ago, his wife and two children moved outside of town into a nice little country home. They were intrigued with their new, regular visitors - fawns, a raccoon or two, bear, wolves howling at night...but the most frequent visitor of all was a young deer. She lurked around the house, and could often be caught peeking into the windows. They left food for her in the deer feeder as she grew. She eventually became so tame, she would walk right up to the family to be pet.

My family has an interesting sense of humor, so my brother put on his new hunting clothing and planned to pose with "Daisy" for a few fun shots. He tried hard to keep a serious face for the pictures, but when Daisy stuck her warm little nose into his ear, he couldn't help but break. And this is the HUMORous photo you are viewing!

I hope everyone enjoys the theme this week! Welcome to all new participants. And let the fun begin! (Breathe now, Girly!)

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