Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well here we are for another

Picture Perfect.

For the newbies amongst us here are the brief terms of engagement.

Each week the host will post up a theme on Wednesday, and you are invited to put up your best picture with that theme in mind, it should be just ONE and ORIGINAL, not off the internet, then post a comment on this page so that everyone can link to your page and see your pic.

By all means mention your camera and lens used!

Please give us an advance warning if your page is set to friends only and keep your blog short and easy to navigate as there are many to get through.

The entries will close at midnight on Friday.

While there are no prizes for the best picture, I will link a few eye-poppers to my blast during the course of the next few days.

Have fun out there!

Some things just dont have the ability to make

the necessary impact, alone.

Sometimes many of the same is needed

for true perspective and vision.

Sometimes many of the same, changes

the original,

such as the pounding of the sea,

a heavenly display of stars

in an inky sky,

one flame

to a wildfire out of control

Many of one,

often changes more than just the visual impact

it changes the very nature of the substance.

Not even a table full of eyewear though,

can change perspective

of anyone who refuses to see things through anybody eyes but their own


  1. whoohoo..our first foto friday entry!

  2. Hi Heather, just migrated and will get my stuff together shortly. Great to see you here.

  3. Mine is up....I think...LOL. Will make sure it is here.

  4. h yeah...last one up....LOL. Thank you so much for moving it. I'm so glad you did. Now we can view with peace and serenity.

  5. Mine is up at both places . . . I can't get to the ones at 360 . . .

  6. mine is up both places too... think i may be the only one that isn't having 360 issues today, lol...

  7. great picture! I didn't do one this week, but I'll be back for next weeks theme! :)

  8. LOL I'M Here and Mine is up - transfered from 360! What great fun~

  9. Hello, I am a little late, but I was with my grand daughter Kami for the past week. Mine is up...on 360 too.