Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Picture Perfect ~

Welcome to
P i c t u r e P e r f e c t.
Each Wednesday
a theme will be posted!
you get to post a photo on your own page
with that theme in mind,
just one pic per page,
It should be an original picture, and not lifted off the internet!
Feel free to post a comment here in the comment box below so that everyone can link to your pages and view your pictures.
A brief description and the type of camera you used is an optional extra!
Its a fun exercise, no voting, no prizes, and no one winner, just a chance to show your creativity and enjoy a general camaraderie.
The post here will be up all week, so feel free to drop in and visit as many sites as you can.
Have fun out there!
The theme this week will be
tip of the week:
(from my secret advisor)
if your page is closed to friends only, a good idea is to post it on your front page, so everyone can view it..and perhaps leave a qc!
they found the drier
was high above their heads
some had to stand on
tippie toes
to reach
like baby elephants
seeking out water
with their
the best of friends
making simple stuff
because its done

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