Saturday, April 6, 2013

Picture Perfect ~ Arranged

Welcome to
Picture Perfect
Hello all you creative peeps, its Gayle here!
You were probably expecting deranged, but that could be a scary bunch of photo's! Instead we'll look for things that come together, purposefully or naturally, into an arrangement!
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  1. I have been super busy all weekend and didn't get this notice until tonight, it came in email at 1:27 PM Sunday afternoon.

  2. Sweet pic! Try this one... ;)

  3. dear group members .. I ll tried a third attempt to join the group .. may be its teh spam which stopped me joining here as well .. I ll send one this morning .. hope it fits .. thanks fotoSH (Andrea)

  4. I like how you present this lovely shot. Gayle

    Here is my: PP ~ Arranged

  5. I was waiting on Friday for the usual PP event, and this morning I saw this. Hope it's still okay to post on Monday. I have the perfect picture to accompany your duck, Gayle: ARRANGED