Friday, March 8, 2013

Picture Perfect "Discovery" Theme

Good day, may it be morning, evening or night.
This week you have that old whacked out reptile
hosting, and as always struggling for a theme.
Last weekend found Val and myself in the lowcountry
of South Carolina shooting wildlife, history and such.
One of the places we shot was Magnolia Plantation
and this weeks image comes from there.
One section had a wonderful old split rail
fence paddock or corral for keeping horses and donkeys.
So we wandered over to get a few shots. While making a
lens change I heard bellowing across the grass horsy
horsy horsy.I figured with such a din of noise that the
little equines would be spooked and gone.
However once the lens was changed I turned
and found this
(click to enlarge)
"Art is the Outward Manifestation of the Inward Need to Create Beauty"
The look of this childs first discovery of this
wonderful little equine. And somehow
I think the horse discovered a long time ago
the love and wonderment of children.
Share with us your discoveries


  1. Love it! But that probably wasn't a surprise.

  2. That's a cool shot, Gator. This week's theme is one that doesn't need to be explored too long. Thanks for hosting. Here's my entry:


  3. My marker here, now off to Muzenews to look there