Sunday, January 20, 2013

Picture Perfect Winter 2013 "Highs and Lows" Theme Week Two High Five and HM's

Sorry for the delay Im stupid but
thankfully Heather isnt and she got the
poll to working. Its at the top of the home page
so just click the picture perfect tab at top

to vote go here
Once again you have given us great mental pains
trying to hash through the entries. This one made
it particularly tough especially when trying to choose
between two similar images Like Sues and Millis. We
try to have some diversity in the selections so weeks like
this one really takes a toll on the admins.

We often get statements like, "How do you do it"
Well personally I use a magic 8-ball...there may be
some darts involved, maybe even a Ouija board, I'm not
sure what my fellow(ettes) admins use. Anyways here we go
in no particular order, however this week I added a couple more HM's
I cant say this will be the norm, but it is this week lol.....

High Five






Catherine - High Chairs

Maggie - Bridge Light

KK - frost

Riete - Parachute

Sue Ocean CLiffs


  1. Gary and All the HM's and special guest.
    I am once again honoured to have my photo chosen in the top five.
    Congratulations to All the Top Five and HM submissions. Every photo is more than worthy this week.

  2. thank you milli and this was truthfully one of the hardest ones for us (me) to make choices could have been a number of different people this week...thanks everyone for playing and again my apologies for messing the poll and timing up this week

  3. Great Top Five and HMs!! Congrats to all! Was a hard choice, but have voted now.

  4. Congratulations Milli. That was most deserved I must say.

    Congratulations to all of the others too for your wonderful photos. I am very glad I was not a judge.

  5. Result not posted here on Blogger? Had to go to Muze to find out who had won.

    Congratulations, Milli !! A wonderful photo :-))