Saturday, January 26, 2013

Picture Perfect Poll

2nd trip MOnterey 152

Thank you all for another fun week. Without further are our 

High Five's:

KK ~ Spider 

 Danette slobbergob

Honourable mentions

 The apps on Muze are down for maintenance so we are using good old Multiply this week..


  1. Just saw this on Multiply. Will look at the photos again and then go and vote.

  2. I love your header shot here Gayle.
    I have a fine appreciation for the task that the admins do each week after sitting in with them this week for choosing between some the best creatures I have ever seen

    Congratulations everyone on your fine examples both Great and small.

    To the High five's amazing and great photos Congratulations All.

    To the HM's I think you missed out by a feather. Wonderful entries.

  3. I was surprised to find Multiply actually let me in and vote, as I no longer have an account. However, it wouldn't let me comment, so I'm doing it here. Congrats to all the Top 5 and many thanks for giving my Raven an Honourable Mention!!

  4. Congratulations everyone. You are all winners.
    Now to go see who won.

  5. Congratulations everyone. I agree with Sue. you are all winners. Going to see who won too.