Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Picture Perfect ~ The Grand Finale ~ Yesteryear


sequoia national park 2010

Well my friends, the week..the day the hour we thought would never come, is upon us. The final post of Picture Perfect on Multiply, and as it is this grand ole lady's last hurrah we wont be posting on any other site this week...

As I walked my dogs through dense fog this morning the tears rolled freely as I reminisced, remembering all your sweet faces and kind words, the awesome photos, the warm smiles and the honour we have had sharing each others talents each week. How we have all grown as photographers and friends, as people..this site has enriched so many lives, so often and the very thought of not seeing some of you as before, truly breaks my heart.

However life and time slows for no one, and so we move on and take with us a special memory of this time we shared so deeply.

I wish you well where ever you go, and may all your pictures be perfect..Picture Perfect!

Much love

Heather xx


This week the theme is Yesteryear..4 of your own favourite pics, one for each amazing year spent together!

I've spent hours and hours trying to find the perfect picture for this last post here. So many of the moments I have images of would have flitted through my life only to be forgotten if it weren't for Heather encouraging me to carry my camera wherever I go, all those years ago. I've worn out three cameras in the years since Picture Perfect began. Each click of the cameras captured a memory that may have been lost forever otherwise. The friends I met in person, by phone, and here in our community, are irreplaceable pieces of my life now. There just isn't any single photo to do justice for all the Picture Perfect community has meant in my life. My final post is to wish that PPF will continue to encourage people around the world to carry their camera with them wherever life leads, to connect, share, and capture moments and memories for many years ahead.

It's so odd the feeling of this whole shut down of

Xply..I came here in Dec of 2007 explicitly for

Picture Perfect

There was no plans for friendships, or anything other than

sharing some pics..BOY..did that ever change. With in the frst

year I had started Mono Monday and had the first group

gathering to shoot here in Savannah. Slowly my views of Multiply

changed and I developed a saying that many still repeat today

"Artists Helping Artists"

The years passed, we had more group shoots, which finally allowed

me to meet Heather face to face and to be able to shoot together..

In this same time I've suffered some horrible losses of friends as well, first we lost JohnOh..The Pengie, then Russ, those were some rocky times. During the ensuing years I've seen others lose loved one, but the reciprocal of this is the love and friendships made.

I wouldnt take anything for these memories

Is this the end? Most definitely not!

Now for my image, it is a composite, with many memories and symbolism. The picture inside the hands was the first image I posted on Picture Perfect. The hands themself were shot on the first group shoot I hosted, while we were on River Street prowling the various shops...

Pic Perf Final Week
"Art is the Outward Manifestation of the Inner Need to Create Beauty"


  1. Oh! WOW!!!! What an ending for Picture Perfect on Multiply!!!
    All of you Amazing and Creative Individuals have given so many, so much pleasure, week after week and I am one of those many.
    I raise my glass in honour of friendships made, amazing photos shared, the reason why so many of us now love with a passion, the art of photography and last but not least the exceptional bonding that has taken place all from a small group on The late Yahoo 360 titled Foto Friday....Here is to a very Bright future with Heather, Gator, Cherie and Gayle at the helm of the new ship. Happy Grand Finale!!!! Everyone.

  2. It's been a wonderful time on Multiply, I've met so many wonderful friends and seen so much fabulous photographic talent. I've really loved the PP community, and hope it continues on Muze and Blogger well into the future. Many thanks for the unbelieveable amount of work the admins have put in over the years to make PP such a brilliant site.!! Thanks guys!! One small point, I think it's actually been five years, not four (08 to 12 inclusive is five, I think!!), anyway I used that as an excuse to post five photos!!! LOL.

    Here is MY PP FINALE

  3. I remember that first photo of yours so clearly! If I'm not much mistaken, you went on to photograph a series of statues after that. I can picture them. I'm wondering now if I can go back and find my first PP entry... well, the first on Multiply. Actually, I should look for the first ever, just for fun.

  4. A perfect Picture for Picture Perfect.

    I have only been with you for a short time and want to take this opportunity to thank you for including me in your group.

    I am sure we will continue to grow and keep growing like the mighty Oak.

  5. http://lilangelwolf.multiply.com/journal/item/507/Picture-Perfect-Yesteryear

  6. I do hope that you will continue here my dear admins. I love the way our photos are displayed here on Blogger.


  7. It's sad because we will miss our friends and the closeness that we shared. We have to learn a new way to do it, just like we did with yahoo 360.

    I didn't realize that you were such a beautiful photographer! Wow!

    qwithyd from xply

  8. Here is mine, its from muzenews...