Friday, September 7, 2012

Honourable Mentions ~ best of the best

bodega 234

And now to choose the Best of our Honourable Mentions.

During the course of choosing our Top Ten, there are often many pictures that could easily have been included in the poll..often we could easily have two top ten polls because the entries are all that good. Unfortunately as I went through all the posts I was sad to see how many folk have already closed their sites or deleted their PP entries. We still have 2+ months together here on Multiply..lets make the most of it!!

And so, here are the near misses..the ones that for whatever reason, got away... Archways Barge back in Time money its a gas to the moon and back where the wild things are dirty with attitude my heart heart in their hands my cup of tea light from behind


  1. I don't see the poll for this one. My vote is for Lynda's "To the moon and back". It's no longer on her Multiply site.

  2. Are PP bloging here as well as Multiply? That would certainly lead to even more confusion.