Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The New Picture Perfect

I think there is light at the end of the tunnel.
I have spent much of the past two days trying to figure out where we as a group should be. Livejournal is far more user friendly than Blogger I know, but once opened..the Blogger site is far superior to any other site Ive seen.
Ive cross posted to Blogger from Multiply since 360 closed, so all my 'stuff' is already there. However I know how many of you are struggling to open a site there..and google+ does tend to confuse everything..but its the only place you can STORE PICTURE ALBUMS. Livejournal is the other choice, and it is very easy and user friendly and many of my contacts have opened pages there.
The 'good' news: You don't necessarily HAVE to open a Blogger account to participate in Picture Perfect, you can post from Livejournal, Wordpress and Typepad. All you have to do is leave your link in the comment box just as we do here. And you can comment on Blogger with any of those other ID'S.
I am going to post this blog on the new Picture Perfect site on Blogger, and try to post up a poll too..just to try it out...
I would encourage you all to open alternative sites and try them out, transfer as much of your Multiply content as you can, because I have a feeling the glitches here are NOT going to be fixed, and its going to become increasingly difficult to blog and navigate around here on multiply. They have given us a date of the 1st Dec..but I think things will end sooner than that as the maintenance here dwindles.
Picture Perfect will remain here on Multiply for as long as we can, possibly cross-posting the weekly challenges on Blogger too so that we can become more familiar with the new path we are being forced to follow!
We're all in this together folks!!


  1. Good Morning Heather I think you mand a good choice here we will see what the Poll sayswell done and thanks for all your efforts to find us a new home;)

  2. I have just finished saving over 1000 photos from Multiply albums, tonight, and my eyes are so sore.I am going to upload them to Flickr when I get home from Sydney, some time after next tuesday. Multiply is letting me down, I cant even scroll through unread posts now.
    I voted for Blogger... ive had an account here for a few years, hardly used it though.

    1. yayyy...good to see the names being added here..slowly but surely

  3. Hi Heather,

    Good to see you here. I really don't mind whether PP will exist on Blogger or Wordpress. I have a photography journal on Wordpress and think it's pretty awesome for photography community. But I'm new to Blogger and haven't explore much yet. Perhaps time will tell how PP will be back to its old self again. I'm here anyway to support all I can. You may know me as:


  4. I like this much better than the Xanga. Just saying.

  5. did I succeed in joining the group? let me know it, please

  6. a hello from an old multiply blogger .. you did good to make crossblogging .. I m uploading since a certain time lots good fotos .. frome there .. anyway its good to see old fotos again .. its god to know so lovely people are joining here .. andrea