Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Picture Perfect ~ Close to Home



Picture Perfect

and our annual 

Winter competition 2011


We have 6 fun themes lined up for you, but before we start a quick reminder on the most important points to keep in mind during this competition time, esp important for any newcomers:

**General Rules of the game are HERE on the homepage**
Important rules for the Competition:

*Sizing of your picture is vital, not too big or too small. We do not want to 'click' on pictures to make them bigger

*Open your post to everyone, and then leave a link here so we may visit your page.

*Anyone can join, but only contacts may vote on the poll..so add us to your contact list, even if its just for the competition.

*To be a valid entry for the competition, the picture must be one taken by you.
** The theme will be posted early Wednesday morning, you have until Friday midnight PST to post up your entries, the admins deliberate on Sat and the Top Ten will be posted later in the day, and you will get 24hrs to vote for the weeks winner.

* Lets try and keep the drama stuff to a minimum. If anyone has any queries, suggestions or just needs a vent, please do it to the admins in a pm and not on the open page as this just encourages a generalized melee, and solves nothing at all.

With all that being said, here is to a happy fun filled six weeks and a warm welcome to our newbies, we look forward to sharing in your creativity!

Your host this week is:


icy stream


a short walk from home

hand in hand

with cold wind whipping

the blush on my cheeks

 water flows

beneath ice



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