Sunday, January 16, 2011

To all members of Picture Perfect .. IMPORTANT UPDATE

 Ok folks as many of you know there has been an issue this morning concerning "TEXT" on an entry for competition. As this directly affected our current leader we had to bring this to you, the people that it matters most to.

See this blog Blog concerning text. for more details.

 The intent of the "text" issue was to discourage people from adding additional text such as poems or descriptions over the images. However we made a bad choice of wordage and didnt clarify in the rules. Through the last few competitions we have made mention to some folks about text on their entry and honestly I dont remember if it was ever said to anyone over a signature. Or if it was maybe due to size or color. Other folk have pointed out to us though, that they have signed their pictures before, some were previous winners.

  I guess the issue that came down to whether to reject the number one contender (remember votes arent done) or to allow it. We have had a long talk and most people seem to be under the same idea. Let it stand as is.The admins after discussing it concur, in the light that prior winners have had their signatures on their entries and nothing was said. We have set a precedent by doing that.

From now on the word "TEXT" will not include signatures and date on the image.Many feel it is their artistic right to add them and you see art signed in the analog world so we will accept it here. I do caution people however to use discretion in size and colors and to make them as unobtrusive as possible. Any other text will not be allowed and this ruling will carry from henceforth unless otherwise stated. The written rules will be amended to reflect this as well.

  Joanne I hope this proceeding will not tarnish a win in the advent that you finish in first place this week.Once again I am very pleased in the way this discussion was handled, you have all shown yourselves to be the ladies and gentlemen I am proud to work with and for.

  Also I dont want anyone bashing or nay saying the person who brought this to our attention. Everyone here has to feel if anything is amiss that they can come to us and things will be dealt with. They may or may not go in the persons favor, however they will not be ignored, swept under a rug or delayed. The reason Picture Perfect can operate year after year is solely due to the players, if you all dont play then there is no Picture Perfect.

  So once more thank each of you for your comments and time in this decision making process.Let the voting continue and once again we urge everyone to have fun and enjoy what it is we do here every week, and that is share our love for photography..."Keep On Shooting".

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