Saturday, November 3, 2007


How do you feel about having Foto Friday as a 'group' rather than a page site, or should we stay the same..AND.. what do you feel about the change of name?

Groups are groups are groups, why mess with a good thing!

'Foto Friday' is just FABULOUS

Preferred the name 'Picture Perfect' to be honest

Start a group...and quickly!

Thank you all for an amazing turnout!!
WOW for the first week of Foto Friday, this page and the blog page have been viewed 563 over 100 people!! Awesome folks..!!
I know there are few hassles with finding the exact page the blog is on, but Im sure everyone is working on that little hitch, and it's bound to get better and run a little smoother each week. I hope to sort out some final problem areas on this site too..but you have to admit it's way way easier navigating around the blogs here than it ever was on yahoo!
I'm totally open to suggestions to make the site work better, so please drop us a comment here and lets see if we can sort it out. Ive has a few suggestions already so thought I would have a little poll to get your ideas..


  1. Either way is fine, though the way you have it set up now does encourage new people to visit each other who may not be on each others' friends' lists .

  2. I think either way, it's going to stay a big hit!

  3. Hei Heather

    The format is brilliant so why change it, i sez.
    I do like the name PP much better than FF, actually.
    Take care. Rii :))

    Was i not so very good at posting only one photo this time?!! lol

  4. i am on dial-up, and all the music and videos on pages make them very very slow to open, some wouldn't open at all (why i don't like myspace, lol)... but i am getting to as many folks pages as i can still...

  5. Renaming it is fine but I prefer it to remain the same.. A group thing would make it way out there... A lot heavier traffic.

  6. I like the idea of a group, but then again, it's fun to search out eachothers "foto friday" or Picture Perfect Fridays (as I called mine this week) to see what was chosen by that person! Some awesome posts this week

  7. Ahem... (pulling over a soapbox to stand on) ... I have a problem with 'groups' I don't like them. It's not intimate or friendly. I LOVE this concept. Obviously, I moved from 360 to be here in part, because of Picture Perfect. I liked that name, I love this concept, just a bunch of folks with one thing in common, and when you visit a site, you get surprised when you happen upon someone else who shares your commonalities. Please don't rearrange a very good thing. (puts soapbox away)

  8. I like Foto Friday just the way it is. To me 'Picture Perfect' is part of Yahoo 360... and I have moved on from there.

  9. Call it what you like -- I still post on 360 with Picture Perfect but I link here so whatever....

  10. I like Foto Friday since it's a new beginning and we are 'here' and not 'there' anymore.
    Picture Perfect was 'there' and as Kathy said, I have moved on from 'there'.

    The only thing about a group that I like is it is easier to find the new update since it will be on the right hand bar of my Message Board.
    It won't be mixed with the other blogs updates of my friends.
    If someone is transferring his / her blogs from 'there' to 'here' the update of this page will be lost way behind them.
    As we all know, we don't have a BLAST in here.

    However I have figured out how to make a custom filter for every update on this page (calendar, blogs, etc) so I can just choose the special filter and voila! The only updates showing on my Message Board is from Foto Friday. C'est tres bon!

    So now, for me either way is 'Cool!'... I like the idea of meeting other people who are not on my contact list. However, I'm using dial-up too so if I don't visit all - I hope it can be understood. I do try to visit back them who visit my take. If I haven't visit yours, let me know and I'll nip over to your blog. :)

    If you want easier access for yourself than it's a different thing.
    By having a group:
    - you don't have to sign out from your main ID and you can use it to navigate the whole thing.
    - you can choose some people to be the managers of the group and host the 'event' alternately without having to give them the password (I think, since I haven't made any group in here but that's how it works 'over there').

    So bottom line is, it's your event - your decision. Whatever you decide, respect is what you'll get from me.

    It rocks! LOL - But you know it already. :)

  11. I prefer the site here rather than a group. Why mess with something that works well, as you said.
    I think it is smart to change the name, because there is no such thing as a perfect photo, and just the name can be a bit overwhelming!
    Foto Friday is ok for me, or any names like that.
    I must add, I like the idea and participating here so very much, it has become one of my favourite activities here.

  12. Well the "Friday" part... rather a moot point eh? (grin) And the only reason I prefer "Picture Perfect" is because I have so many things already tagged that.

    I think though, that most (if not all) of us would follow this concept to the ends of the earth - it's a fabulous thing, still going strong as you said.

  13. Renaming the page FotoFriday confused me a bit at first as I was also in the transition from Yahoo to Multiply like most of us. Finding old an new was a bit confusing.

  14. I like the re-name, because we are over here now---but I would prefer to leave it like it is, and not do a group, because I like going to everyone's page and seeing their pictures. I think it keeps everyone moving around, and I've met friends this way. I think if we did a group thing, it would be far less personal.

  15. I would vote for a group.

    My reasons are

    1. Identification. If you contact a member anywhere on multiply they will be identified to you as a group member. If they leave you a comment, for example, they would be shown as a group member.

    2. The POSSIBILITY that you could permit the picture postings to the group. You will have Notes as well as Blog and Comments that you can rename and utilise in any way you want. I have taken photos twice but have not been able to slot them into my Blog without it appearing contrived and clunky. Members could still post in their Blog and paste a link in the group. Greater flexibility.

    3. If you want more than one person can help with the "Housework".

    4. Messages clearly shown on a separate line in your "My Multiply" or you could exclude them and just visit the group as you wish and read the entries.

    5. Member would have the facility of being able to read the posts that they have not read before. Currently I find it a little difficult to see the new posts on the page, I have to scroll through them all. Using a group it is possible for each member to set their viewing options so that unread messages are shown first with those that have been read slightly faded and old messages below that. I find this much easier to manage.

    6. You will be able to change the name if that is what your members want. "Picture Perfect" rolls of my tongue more easily than your F F. I have a small distaste at the "ph" becoming "f" but it is really not that big a deal, I enjoy the concept even if I have never posted a photograph. One reason is that the theme is set towards the beginning of the week and replies are required by Friday. The weekend is my best time for photographs.

    I would like to say I'm making these comments in the spirit of constructive criticism. I think you are doing a great job and would be happy to see it continue in any form you think fit.

    You are doing the hard work the least I can do is fit in.


  16. According to the polls..a 'group' Foto Friday is out, we stay as we are....the name Picture Perfect though, seems to be missed by many...what do the rest of you think??

    New place.. new (actually old original) name??

  17. I don't mind what the name is, we get used because we love the idea!

    I do prefer a blog to a group. With advice about where to post our "mine is up" posts! I spent a lot of time this week trying to find out where people had posted. Finally I gave up.

    Personally, I think the Guestbook is for general comments and discussion, the blog comments for "I'm done". But whatever, as long as they are in ONE PLACE!

  18. I think it works great like this. I like the name Picture Perfect better...but I can see the need for a new name on a new platform! It was cool visiting some old friends new pages....and seeing some new ones too!

  19. I like it the way it is and the 'new' name - new platform, new name. But whatever you decide is fine with me.

  20. There are so many blogs dedicated to days of the week - Wednesday this and Thursday that. Why join them? You set the standard; stick with it I say. And we're not a group; I like this as an open page I can pop into from time to time. But it's great whatever . . .

  21. I like the format no matter what you chose to name it. I like seeing how different people interpret the same "topic".

  22. It's just as easy to use Picture Perfect as a tag and leave the name Foto Friday as I did. Writers Block is a group now, go and check it out..I don't see that there is a difference..except for where it shows up in the multiply page.

  23. One of the main attractions behind the original idea was the fact that it was relaxed and anyone could join in any time they liked. Making a group would mean we'd need to join something else, not that I'd mind in the least.

    I liked Picture Perfect over Foto Friday for the simple reason that, as nomadtraveller already said, there are days-of-the-week activities all over the show and its no longer a Friday event anyway. Many post their Foto Friday on Wednesday ;)

    In the end, folk are here for the activity, whatever its called and wherever it goes. Heck, they followed you from 360. Name it what you will and put it out in whatever format and we'll all still be there :)

  24. One thing I do to help me navigate blogs....

    I keep the Foto Friday blog open so I can see the replies. Then I hit the link for the user I want to jump to... Hit RIGHT CLICK... then select OPEN IN NEW WINDOW. Then I just close the new window when I am done posting and I am right back to Foto Friday.

    This works on Firefox... I guess it is the same in Internet Explorer

  25. In your poll you asked two questions but only one answer was allowed.

    If a voter wanted to vote for a name change they were unable to vote for a group.

  26. thats ok can have your say here in the comment section...

  27. I don't mind whatever you call it or wherever it appears (here or group). I just want to stay a part of it :-) I love seeing all the different parts and pieces of the world and meeting all the interesting, talented, and wonderful people who share their work. Right here on Multiply, where you have it now, is good for me but I'll go wherever it goes :-)

  28. I look at this kinda the same way I view motorcycle riders. Some people are very territorial about the brand of motorcycle they ride. They are a bit of a highway bigot.

    I think it is not important what you ride. What matters is that you ride.

  29. I absolutely love Picture Perfect friday because it gives incentive to try for a perfect picture for the theme. ,it just sounds better and more appealing to newcomers also. I think..

    as for being a group, i prefer it to be just as it is.,,

    you have done a wonderful thing for us amateurs and pros alike, cuz most of us love to show off our p;hotos and then have all of these wonderful people responding to your page and Your photo,.its just

  30. This works as is. Great to wander around other pages and look, helps to make new friends and see what other folk are doing with their pages. Keep it as it is, works form me.

  31. I think Foto Friday should remain open to all who would like to participate. If it is a group only, I think we would lose a lot of potential contributions. It is so much fun meeting all of these new people every week!

  32. Picture Perfect will stay as it is..:)