Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Picture Perfect ~ Signs ~

Welcome to
P i c t u r e P e r f e c t.
Each week I will post a theme in my blast,
(on Wednesday or so)
and each Friday
you get to post your photo's,
just one pic per theme,
on your own sites with that weeks theme in mind.
It should be an original picture, and not lifted off the internet!
Feel free to post a link on my page in the comment box below so that everyone can link to your pages and view your pictures.
A brief description and the type of camera you used is an optional extra!
Its a fun exercise, no voting no prizes and no one winner, just a chance to show your creativity and enjoy a general camaraderie.
Have fun out there!
We spend our lives guided by
signs and symbols,
telling where to go and what to do,
they give us cues and information
about who we are
who you are and what youre about
simple gestures,
the way we smell,
or dress
a simple tattoo
are signs perhaps,
of what we have become
This is my son's..
a symbol of his love
for his brother
his superman
written in kryptonian

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  1. That is very interesting. I want to learn how to capture the soul on camera.